He’s the son of an English Lord.
She’s a daughter of the American South.
His family won’t let her join their world.
She won’t let him give it all up for her.

Can Richard and Rebecca’s love stand the test of time and circumstance?
Or will the ocean between their two worlds tear them apart forever?


Gus Gets a Dad

For as long as Gus can remember, it has always been just him and his mom. They do everything together and are best friends. But Gus has always thought it would be nice to have a dad, too.

One day, while playing in the park, Gus meets a golden retriever who has a dad but not a mom. The two dogs hatch a plan to get their parents together so they can become brothers!

(Joseph #1)

What would happen if America's blood supply were no longer safe? If a domestic terrorist decided to hijack the tens of thousands of blood transfusions that occur daily in the United States, spreading an illness that killed everyone it touched?

When Amy Millhouse and her sorority sisters traveled to Mexico for vacation, they never expected what would be waiting for them: sun, sand, and a drug cartel holding the girls ransom for everything they were worth – and more.

A dead millionaire. A fortune to be inherited. When everyone is a suspect, and everyone has a secret, will anyone ever know the truth?

When a disease pandemic sweeps the nation, the United Nations orders America's borders to be closed. With no one allowed to enter or exit the country, what happens next - inside and outside 'the containment zone' - tests the bounds of both medical science and human nature.

Danielle Singleton

(Joseph #2)

When a deadly flesh-eating bacteria attacks a small town in Pennsylvania, the FBI assigns its top field agent to the case. Reagan White is a seasoned veteran, but the gruesome nature of this outbreak makes her cringe. Also making her cringe is her new partner, Allen Williams, a preptastic agent sent over from the counterterrorism unit. But when the bacteria spreads from one city to seven, whispers of terrorism rise and the two FBI agents must work around the clock to find the person behind the deadly outbreaks.

**#1 Amazon Bestseller - Hispanic-American Fiction**

All thirteen year old Luisa Dominguez wanted to do was escape the drug-riddled violence of her hometown in Honduras. She prayed every day: “God, take me away from here.” Then one day her wish came true. She would get to leave. Her ticket, though, came at a price: Luisa’s own mother had sold her into slavery.


Every Star in the Sky

(a romance)